Scatter plot is a perfect way to analyze big data sets. Whereas it can help you to see if there is a correlation between two variables, let’s say profit and sales for your products, it’s almost impossible to understand where a particular product stands compared to the other ones.

Let me show my way of doing it. Imagine that your final user wants to select any of the products to analyze its’ position. As you know the best way to do it would be a parameter.

The parameter we are about to create will be based on the product name field. Let’s call it Selected Product

Now let’s bring our parameter to the control panel.

As you can see we can choose the product we’re interested in, but our scatterplot doesn’t move. This is high time to create a set based on the product names. As you know sets allow to split your data (Product Names) in two distinct groups: IN/OUT or INCLUDED/EXCLUDED. 

Let’s call our set Highlighted products. You sould go to the Condition Tab and put the following formula

[Product Name]=[Selected Product]

Now we will bring our created set into the color and shape marks section

As always you can select the colors you like, but the most important part is done. Your final user can select any product he/she is interested in and it will be clearly identified on the scatterplot

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