Everybody knows about the power of visually attractive dashboards.Tableau is one of the most powerful tools today allowing to create attractive and meaningful messages thanks to the color palette. Adjusting your colors on the dashboard can be sometimes timeconsuming, but it’s totally worth it.


Let me show my way of doing this!


Let’s imagine that we have the following graph. We’ve already removed all the grid lines


First of all, let’s create a dashboard and insert our picture. Select the picture you want to insert and voila.

Now you need to make a right click on the picture and select Fit Image.

As my picture is horizontal, let’s change the dashboard’s size in order to have something neat. I’ve selected the Automatic size.

Let’s go back to our graph and click on the format.
On the left side of your screen select Format Shading/Sheet/Worksheet/None.

Bring your graph to your dashboard and don’t forget to select Floating Layout

And now let’s move to the most exciting part!
Use the following link and upload your background photo

By magic you have your colors (by the way you can choose the number of colors you want) and you just need to copy-paste the code into your Preferences.tps file

After inserting your code, you should close your Tableau software and re-enter the workbook and you can now assign your customized palette (I named it My_palette).

As you can see it’s not really perfect…

So if you want to continue the customization I propose you to use the following tool.
Upload your picture and click on the element which color code you want to know.


Now it’s up to you, you can rewrite your Preferences.tps file or you can directly adjust the colors.
By double-cliking on the data item you can enter the color code you’ve just obtained

It looks better, doesn’t it?

And if you want you can continue fine-tuning of your dashboard to make it a real masterpiece

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