Easy tricks every Tableau beginner should learn

Every time you start to use a new software, you should try to develop good habits to be effective. Tableau proposes you many ways of doing “things”, find the way that suits you the most and stick to it. As a Tableau beginner you may be interested in the tricks I use every time I work with Tableau.

1. Double Click

Whereas we all start with dragging and dropping the pills (measures or dimensions) in order to bring them to our view, double clicking does exactly the same! Select a measure/dimension you are interested on and let the magic begin

Double click on measure or dimension in order to bring it to your view

2. Pivot

Maybe the double clicking will bring your measure into the columns, whereas you expected it to be on the row shelf or your dimension is also in the wrong place. Don’t drag and drop, just press the button! Swap rows and columns!

Swap rows and columns in Tableau

3. Duplicate your sheet

There are a lot of situations where you need to duplicate your sheet (For example, you’ve created multiple filters and you don’t want to spend your time on recreating them one more time for a different kind of visualization). You can make a right click on your Worksheet and select duplicate or you just use the magic button!

Button to Duplicate Tableau Worksheet

4. Use your Mark Shelf

You aren’t satisfied with your visualization, try to make the changes using the mark shelf by clicking on the icon

Change your visualization using the mark shelf

5. Drag and drop in the formula

You can type your formula or you can press the Ctrl button and just drag and drop your fields

 How to drag and drop measures and dimensions into the calculated field

And what is your favorite Tableau trick?

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